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Sidereal Taurus Indepth:

Archetypal Zodiac

Sidereal Taurus In Depth:

Traditional Meanings Of The First House:

House I: The appearance, disposition and manner of the native, outlook on life, carriage, capacity for self-development, vitality, health, inherent strength and physical condition, mental and emotional qualities.

Element: Fixed Earth.
Ruler: Venus + Mercury:
Exaltation: Moon. Dragons Head:
Detriment: Mars.
Fall: Dragons Tail.
Sense: Thinking.
Philosophy: Rationalism.
Archetypal Zodiac: 1st House.
Age of Pisces: 3RD House.

Age Of Taurus: 4099. B.C.E.-1939 B.C.E.

Throughout the ancient world the Bull or Taurus has long symbolized the power of generation, birth and the physical body. During the great age of Taurus, 4099. B.C.E.-1939 B.C.E, the Bull was revered as the symbol of the age of Egypt – Babylon – Chaldea, where astrology (as we now know) began.

Hermes – Mercury is called the founder of Egypto-Chaldean-Babylonian civilization. Egyptians understood the divine principle to be threefold:
The Sun – Osiris -spirit
Venus – Isis – soul
Mercury – Horus – body

Horus – Mercury is the child of heaven and the first star house or ascendant. Determined as it is by the exact birth time, the first star house signifies the birth of the Individual. Birth is entry into the world of Earthly humanity. Mankind throughout all races and cultures is characterized by the universally human faculty of Thought. In the words of a Theosophical text:
“Manu the thinker is born”.
(Stanzas of Dzyan)

The beings, who are existentially manifest in the constellations of Taurus, emanate and focus the animating energy of the physical body or life force).

The first impression – First House- is always an expression of the self of the other communicating its Quality as a human being. And many people insist that their first impression is always correct in the end. In fact, it has been determined that human beings come to a decision about each other within the first few minutes of meeting and speaking.

Mercury ‘rules the larynx’ and the ability to communicate the Quality of one’s Thinking Being. Mars in Aries in the 12th star house rules the Power and Force inherent in speech. Venus-Mercury, ruler of the first star house and the self’s ability to communicate the Quality of its Thinking, co-ordinates and regulates the power and force of Mars arising as it does out of largely unconscious depths. Indeed, Mercury-Venus co-ordinates and regulates the entire Personality and its Projection. This adds up to the immediate presence of a Self.

It is in the very nature of being a Self in communication with others that human beings Rationalize. We are constantly involved in the process of explaining the world to ourselves, and ourselves to others. We create a constantly shifting network of Rationalizations on a moment-to-moment basis as communicating beings who are all doing the same thing. We call the sum total of all of this Society, in its immediate everyday sense.

Mercury has always been understood to be a neutral planet in that it takes on the ambiance of whatever it is most immediately associated with. When Mercury is strong and well aspected in the birth chart, the individual is able, through a high level of ethical communication and co-ordination of the self, to penetrate deeply into the society of others in a creative and constructive manner.

Mercury has always been known as the messenger of the Gods. As co-ruler of Taurus and the larynx, the Mercury sphere holds the key to the inner secrets of Mantra or sacred sound. The spiritual faculty in the throat centre has sixteen fluid Facets, eight of which are active in the average human being. Eight, as is well known, is the number of infinity. When the other eight fluid Facets are activated by spiritual training, the acolyte attains twice infinity and becomes and Initiate.

This is what is meant also by the “Power of Speech”. The one who attains to the “Power of Speech” becomes a “messenger of the Gods” and is able to impart knowledge through speech and Mantra, and, of course, music. The twice born of the Gods ascends into the perfect co-ordination of all three higher states: body / soul / spirit – hence, the founder of ancient Egypt is called Hermes Trismegistos – thrice born Hermes-Mercury – who had attained the capacity to be present in all ages, past, present and future – hence, Hermes Trismegistos.

The Taurus ascending personality is prone to a certain amount of confusion if Mercury is badly placed and Afflicted, because instead of acquiring accurate information about the world, a process of self-serving rationalizing takes over. The result is a constant flitting from one idea to another, motivated by the desire to appear to be well informed and intelligent. Severe afflictions to Mercury by the combination of Mars, the Nodes of the Moon and Saturn, can result in stuttering, or other speech impediments such as a discordant voice or a squeaky voice. Under these circumstances the native may also be a liar.

The instrument which best reflects Mercury in all its states and moods is the piano – the instrument which has no definite fixed character of its own, but emulates the sounds of all other instruments. A positive emphasis of planets in Taurus in a good star house with Mercury well placed in good aspect to Saturn will give talent for the piano and a deep appreciation for music in general. Where Taurus is emphasized and Mercury is weak, the native may own a piano, which they are unable to play to any great extent, but still the appreciation for piano music is highly developed.

In a birth chart where Taurus is the actual ascendant and where Mercury is well placed, it reveals itself in the capacity to present a credible and intelligent Personality, to the world.

The natives of this ascendant usually have very handsome faces. Their power of projection and communication gain them many friends and social standing.

The Transcendentalism of Mercury gives the Taurus ascending personality the desire and capacity to rise above collective reality or society, with the result that they are often very creative. Yet, as a rule, they are not otherworldly unless other facets of the chart indicate conscious spirituality.

The enjoyment of life’s fleeting sensuous pleasures is to be noted along with a distinct attraction to luxury. An out-going, adventurous attitude towards the diversity of all social situations and rituals leads to associations with cosmopolitan friends drawn from many cultures and faiths.

The fixed Earth elemental nature of this ascendant gives a determination to accomplish things of lasting worth. They work hard and long once they get started on a project or career which can make an appeal to their sense of aesthetics and self worth. This concern with work is further emphasized by the fact that Venus-Mercury rules both the first and sixth star houses (see Libra/6th star house.)

In short, the ascendant determines the individual’s capacity to dwell in and feel at home in the world as a place and as a society of other individuals.

Well-being as a self is determined by the individual’s experience of themselves as one capable of “transcending” the world of others or society, in order to attain a higher quality of life experience. Thinking, in this respect, is the human activity which forever has for its context the state of awareness between the self “with” itself and the self “with” other selves. In this case the planet Venus-Mercury is the Significator of the chart.

About Mercury & Venus:

Hermes & Aphrodite: Hermaphrodite: The Sacred Hermaphrodite Means: The Mystical Marriage Within The Innermost Self With The Sun: The Self’s Abiding Within Beness. Buddhi: Sacred Soul: = Venus: Mysticism. Manas: Innate intelligence:= Mercury: Transcendentalism:

Before The Modern Era The Planet We Now Call Mercury was Called Venus. And The Planet We Now Call Venus Was Called Mercury. This Can Be Confirmed By Looking At Any Classical or Ancient Map Of The Solar System. How is this to be understood? The Sun Venus and Mercury were understood by the Egyptians who originated Astrology As Osiris Isis And Horus. This Triune Deity was later Called God The Father The Holy Spirit and Jesus. This Triune Deity was also called the Logos: The Authentic Unifying Individuality within the Manifold field of Perception and Experience. In This sense every individual Self is a true Logos.

It is advisable to understand Mercury And Venus As a twofold yet Single Integrated Awareness State Of the Authentic Individual. For Instance it is Most Illuminating To See Ones Natal Mercury as Venus and ones natal Venus as Mercury. In the case of their conjunction within one Sidereal Sign this is almost unavoidable. But when they are in different Signs and Elements the results of this interchanged analysis can be Highly Revealing.

The principle, to be kept in mind and understood, is that Mercury Articulates and Expresses Venus. And Venus Understands and makes Mercury Present as self apprehending Self-awareness.

Mercury-Venus are the Transcendental-Presence Horizon of Self Awareness. The following example will illustrate. You are Listening to a Concert of Complex Emotionally moving Music, to which you have given yourself over entirely; so that you have Become the Music. A vast inner space filled with the self as music has opened up within you. At the Horizon of this inner space Mercury spontaneously understands the beautiful complexity of the Music and Venus feels it deeply. Or again: You are looking at a visual artistic masterpiece. The subject matter and colors invoke deep complex feelings: Venus. While you simultaneously appreciate the technical virtuosity and composition: Mercury. Meditation is one of the ways to cultivate and sensitize this Awareness State.

It was surely a Mercury Venus Conjunction that said “ Truth is Beauty and Beauty Truth”.

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